The experienced team at Lobby Idaho has a track record of successful governmental action. Our firm can tailor a strategy based on your specific goals for engagement in Idaho, whether it involves a long-term plan or immediate action. We are ready to meet your needs.

State Lobbying and Government Affairs

Legislative representation is the specialty of Lobby Idaho. Our firm can draft legislation, consult and develop appropriate messages, and advise you on committee chairs and assignments, introductions, hearing dates or committee presentations. Our team will keep you apprised of legislation as it moves through the process with regular updates and analysis. We can nimbly adjust strategy along the way to help ensure success.

With a thorough understanding of the administrative rule-making process, we also provide year-round advocacy and information for our clients.

Issue Management

At one time or another, you will need an advocate – someone who not only understands your concerns but takes the time to help you find a solution.  When you want to lend your support or voice your opposition to an issue, the Lobby Idaho team can help.

Whether you’re a start-up or going through a big change for your business, we will work with you to shape opinions, news coverage, and the outlook on your business challenge in Idaho by implementing smart strategies that strengthen your hand.

Procurement Advising

Interested in doing business with the State of Idaho? Lobby Idaho can help you navigate the state purchasing process and provide you with information on upcoming opportunities. Whether it is a small or large contract, we have a track record of assisting clients through the entire process, from the RFP through award, implementation and beyond.

Our team also understands the importance of ongoing communication and advocacy to the long-term success of any contract. We will work to develop relationships with key stakeholders and coordinate meetings with any pertinent decision makers.

“Grassroots” and “Grasstops” Organizing

When you need every voice to support your position, you need a team that can identify, engage, and convince public participation. Our grassroots philosophy is grounded in the belief that every voice matters, and we know how to bring these voices into the conversation, from the ground up.

Lobby Idaho can design and deliver strategy-driven advocacy solutions. We develop a targeted and tailored strategy for every client and campaign. Having worked on a long list of successful political and issue-based campaigns, we can build and coordinate a coalition that will support your goals.

Reputational Management

Even if you are not interested in influencing policy in Idaho, it can be important to understand how policymakers view your business or industry. Sometimes you may want to engage a long-term plan to develop relationships with key decision makers in your field of interest.

The Lobby Idaho team can help monitor, advise and provide strategic information on relevant government officials’ perceptions of your business practices and reputation in Idaho. Utilizing our connections with officials throughout the state, we can assist in fostering long-term contacts and coordinate a strategy to meet your needs.